Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

it happens all too fast,
this growing up stuff.

wasn't it just yesterday that i was excitedly talking with a girlfriend,
announcing our much-waited-for, 
pregnancy with Grant?

wasn't it just yesterday that we were rushing to the Operating Room 
for a semi-emergent c-section?
wasn't it just yesterday that he was learning to walk?
learning to sleep in a big boy bed?
learning to peddle his tricycle?
learning to play with green John-Deere tractors?

but then I blinked my eyes.

and this sweet, sweet baby boy of ours,
graduated Kindergarten.

he sang on stage
what can wash away my sin,
nothing but the blood of Jesus.
what can make me whole again?
nothing but the blood of Jesus.

and with some math and language arts and science and geography 
added in over the past 9 months,
just like that,
he's a first-grader.

i'm gonna stop blinking.

our hot, sweaty, but very happy selves after Grant's last day of school,
which ended with a all-school picnic and field day.


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Danna said...

I love the pic of you and Grant! It all goes by way too quickly. I love the song he sang, one of my all time favorites! Much love, xo

Heather @ Notes from the Nelsens said...

I love this post Anna! Congratulations to your sweet little graduate. :)


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