2 year olds.

This girl?
She's kinda been keeping me hopping recently.

Just today I've vacuumed up glitter, swept up parmesan cheese, 
and wiped her down from a mascara incident.

I love it.
I love her spunk. Her determination. Her insistance.


 I love her detailed-nature.
She sleeps with about a dozen different animals/action figures in her bed.
and she knows every.single.one.

I quietly set her in her bed tonight as she was halfway asleep in my arms.  
Snuggling into her blankie she whispered "guy guy downstairs".

Yes, my baby girl.  One of your 12-membered-possee that you sleep with is downstairs.
Momma will get it you dear thing.

As she corrals her cast of characters into their correct sleeping position in her crib, 
tonight I prayed over her that we can channel her spunk 
and fire-cracker-nature into a zeal for the Lord.  

That her determination will translate into determination to always, always, always do.the.right.thing.

That her detailed-nature will make her examine her faith and be built up,
strongly rooted in Him.
That her outgoing self will learn to love others as Christ has loved us first.

Grace Abigail,we love you.
So much, baby girl. So much.

please stop arranging your possee in your crib and
go to sleep.

Rachel Ray's Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes

I've mentioned before how much these 2 love pancakes.
Seriously. They love them.

 so, Saturday evenings are usually pancake evenings in our house!

you see, our Saturday evenings are probably a bit different than most.
{I'm usually ironing clothes, finding pants, picking out hair bows, tracking down hair bows, figuring out which shirt to wear with what skirt, making sure the kids are as calm as possible to try to avoid a Saturday night ER visit -we came close to that a few weeks ago with a mouth and coffee table incident!- and making sure I know where my keys are.}

{seriously, I've almost been late to church because I couldn't find keys. It's nuts. I know.}

So, the last thing I want to do is worry about breakfast on Sunday morning!

Thus, Saturday night pancakes = Sunday morning leftovers.

My latest favorite recipe is Rachael Ray's Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes.
Sweet and moist! Super yummy. 

And the pink Gracie monster?
As grant {sometimes not so} affectionately calls her?
She's the picky eater in our household, and she ate these pancakes for 3 meals in a row.

Hey, it's oats, milk, and banana.
Decently healthy, right?

You try them and let me know what you think.

And hope your Saturday evening goes smoother than ours invariably is,
even with my attempts at calmness!


Rachael Ray's Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes:

1 cup old fashioned oats
1 cup flour
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
3/4 cup sour cream
{I used light sour cream with no issues!}
3/4 cup milk
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 really ripe bananas, mashed up
1/2 stick butter (1/4 cup), melted

Mix dry ingredients, the first 7, in a bowl. In a another bowl, mix the wet ingredients, the next 4. Whisk the wet ingredients into the dry until just combined, then fold in the mashed up bananas and the raisins. Stir in the melted butter. 

Heat a griddle over medium heat and brush with additional melted butter. Cook pancakes, each about 1/3 cup, until bubbles form on the top, then turn. Cakes will cook in about 2 minutes on each side. Keep pancakes tented with foil as they come off the griddle to keep them hot. Serve with drizzled honey or maple syrup over the top.



It's the Small Things, right?

Small things
{that are totally the big things}
that are making me happy today.

fun snack. pretty piggies.
fresh zinnias.  organized towels.

Happy Tuesday!

Diet Coke Break.

This beautiful girl is napping.

So I take a break from the laundry and toys that await.
And sit down with a Diet Coke and my Bible.
For we need Him, don't we?
so much.

And I read about how 
He satisfies me with good so that my youth is renewed like the eagle's.

and I pray that the Lord will work justice and righteousness for a very special friend who's in Uganda right now trying to bring her 2 sweet boys home. and home soon.

I praise the Lord that He is mericful and gracious.
That he does not deal with me according to my sins.
and that His Love is steadfast.
{psalms 103}

And a few pages over, 
I am challenged by the Woman of Proverbs 31.
She dresses herself with strength. 
She reaches her hands to the poor.

and she laughs at the time to come.

So.much.confidence in the Lord that she can laugh at the days ahead.

In my head, I picture her envisioning the future.  
smiling, shaking her head.

Okay, Lord.  It's all yours.  
We are in your hands.  
Whatever you have for us, we will walk humbly. 
Your will be done.

I pray I can say the same. 
that my confidence in this Lord of ours will.not.be.shaken.

Even if the days ahead include more health crises like, um, toxic shock.
juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
words like leukemia. spinal tap. sepsis.

and thus I know that I can laugh at the days ahead.
For our Lord holds them.

and we are 

Four year olds and tonsillectomies.

It's kinda been a long few weeks around our house, folks. 

Grant and Matt, walking into the 8 a.m. surgery.

So, all my dear friends,
why in the WORLD did none of you warn me how hard a tonsillectomy can be 
before our sweet four-year-old underwent surgery?

I kinda had lots of friends whose kids were
playing at the park
the day after surgery.


Our poor Grant was miserable.
Apparently his pain medicine wasn't working well enough, 
and he was becoming super super dehydrated.

We did the best we could keeping him comfortable and drinking enough
{but still came *this close* to being back in the hospital.}

 But, we made it.  
Even if we kinda haven't left the house for like, 2 weeks straight
{except maybe for the McDonald's drive-through window for 2 large coffees and 4 of these to get us through until one of us could actually go to the store!}

 And then, just as Grant was half-way feeling better
{better enough to at least sit on the couch and watch TV and not just in his bed all day}

this one got sick.

So we really haven't left the house in awhile.

But, ya know? 
I still love this life with little kids. 
I mean, my heart just aches for them when they're sick,
and I've cried my share of tears over both of them the past several weeks.

But I still love this life of a stay-at-home momma. 
{even when I've worn the same running pants for days
and go through a drive-through just for milk!}

I soak in every time Gracie wraps her sweet little arms around my neck and says "hug it!"
{as I close my eyes and try to remember that feeling forever}.

every time Grant wants me to play with him. 
or watch {curious} George with him.  
or watch him run fast fast fast on his bike!  
every time Grace comes zooming down the hallway saying "whunning!" 
as she leaps into my arms.  
Every time she buries her head into me at 2 in the morning, secure in her momma's arms.

every time, I try to slow down time for just a moment, 
because I know that though the days can be long, the years are so, so short.

Even during the midst of the roughest tonsillectomy recovery ever,
I'm so thankful to be at home with them.
That He chose them for us.

So thankful to be loving on, playing with, laughing with, 
and praying with the sweetest kids in the world, all day. 
And, right now? 
so, so thankful that we now at least have 50% of our {current} kiddos' with out tonsils.
"...whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me..."
Matthew 25:40

Tonsillectomy and JRA issues

This is pretty much how we're feeling about
juvenile rheumatoid arthritis 
these days.

our favorite-four-year old...

...is getting his {crazy huge, thought-to-be-fatigue-causing} tonsils out this Friday.

His consult with the ENT
{who has a special place in our medical lives 
after diagnosing Grace with toxic shock syndrome in May!}
went really well.

Until he saw on the chart that Grant has received the official JRA diagnosis.
and that he takes a NSAID 3x/daily.

And we realized that a NSAID carries increased bleeding risks.
Which, clearly, we do not want going into surgery.

So, for the next {at least} two weeks,
Grant will be JRA-medicine-free.

{I'm already feeling the need to ask you to pray for us!}

We accidentally missed two out of 5 doses of Grant's medicine a few weeks ago.
And Grant's knees immediately were swollen, warm, and painful.
He was extraordinarily fatigued.
and back to complaining of leg pain.

So, this momma is understandably a bit hesitant going into two weeks of zero arthritis medicine.

Our rheumatologist has given us a few options if worse comes to worse
but it'd mean steroids.

So, we're praying for the miraculous.
and also praying for Divine kindness, patience, and understanding 
in the mean time.

So our favorite-four-year-old can {as quickly as possible!}
get back to his happy, easy-going, mud-loving self.

Thank-you, again, for praying with us.  


I've asked for prayer for Grant so much on this little blog world of mine.
Can I pray for you?
Leave a comment with your prayer request, and I will pray for it, regularly, over the next several weeks as I pray for Grant and his JRA and tonsillectomy.

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace,
that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.
Hebrews 4:16

Blueberry Lemon Streusel Bars

I spent Gracie's naptime today baking.

Move into our neighborhood, and you'll get these.

 New Neighbors. New Friends.
{who happens to like to run and has kids our kids' ages}.

And that was my Tuesday. 

A quick grocery run. Making blueberry bars. 
Meeting new neighbors.
Playing with kids. 
Folding a few {dozen loads of} laundry.
Laughing over orange popsicles.
Racing on our bikes.

It was a very, very good Tuesday.

Love an Orphan.

Luke 15 tells us a story of sheep.
Of a shepherd leaving 99 sheep in the pasture...
to find the ONE that's missing.
Our Savoir cares for us.
so very much.
deeply, personally.

Which, after visiting Ug@nda in February, I have to trust in.
That He truly does care for each and every child.
Each and every orphan. 

that sleep and eat and play like this. 

I trust...
That HE is the Father of the Fatherless.
That HE sets the lonely in families.
Psalm 68

and as I trust that HE cares for each.and.every 147 million orphans,
we do everything we can on this side of Heaven.
we advocate, support, and tangibly show the love of Christ to them.

We can't reach all of those 147 million,
but we can try to help one.  or two.  or a few.

Because that ONE sheep is worth it.

That one life...
We will leave our pasture, our comfort, 
to find, help, protect.
to Love.

As we pray about what type of orphan care the Lord has for us in the future
{adoption, more trips, sponsorship}
right now we are selling these beautiful Ug@ndan bead necklaces and bracelets.
Each and every one was made by an Ug@ndan woman,
who sells them to pay for her children's schooling.
As you by a necklace or bracelet, 
you support her.
Her children.

AND you support orphans.
All of the proceeds go towards orphan care.

AND you get a super cute necklace or bracelet.
or both. 
in this photo I'm wearing 3 bracelets together - super cute layered.

I wear them all the time and always get compliments.

You can buy a necklace
($20, including shipping)

or bracelet 
($8, including shipping)

by clicking the paypal link . 

And, in buying a necklace or bracelet, you truly help find that ONE sheep.
You help that ONE orphan know he is loved.

Thank-you for loving the fatherless with us.