Pool Party

It's Wednesday.

And we celebrated the fact that Grant got his hair wet for the first time at swim lessons.
{also known as going under water!}

So, complete with still-damp swim trunks, 
we ate frozen yogurt with every topping imaginable.
My fave?
{low fat} cheesecake frozen yogurt.
with just a few chocolate chips.

Gracie just wanted to eat the spuh-inkles.

And for the super swimmer?
Cake batter frozen yogurt. 
with lots and lots of sprinkles.
and m & m's.
and maybe just a few gummy bears
{because the gummy bears will help me swim real fast tomorrow, mommy!}

{I've had a headache that I just can't shake  for the past couple of days,}
so it was a great, great day to celebrate Grant's swim success with some sweet treats.
 I'm just l-o-v-i-n-g this summer so far.
with long, lazy days. 
lots of sand, laughing, running, swimming, and sun.

it's these days that I start to miss  almost before they're even over.
love, love, love little kids and long summer days.

{feeling thankful and blessed tonight! hope you are, too.}

Our Week

{in cell phone pictures}


::a beautiful coffee table that I am absolutely in.love.with that Matt found a killer deal on at the Pottery Barn Outlet in Ohio.
Seriously, my husband loves me.
a lot.
He spent about an hour texting me photos from the Pottery Barn store...
even photos of serving platters! seriously, true love.::

{not sure I'm in love with the coffee table in the sunroom, though. 
WDYT? too big for the room?}

::a huuuuge pile of sand that Grant and friends had so.much.fun.sliding down::

::the above mentioned friends eating breakfast {waffles, blueberries & yogurt} at our house.  we had these sweet friends for an evening and morning, and we all had a blast. truly! I've  wanted lots of kids for a long time now,
and these 2 sweet girls just sealed the deal for me!
Who knows what the Lord has for our family, but I'd take a tableful::

::kitchen table set for an evening with friends.  Lots of pasta, salad, bread, and good coffee::

And my favorite of the week.


This sweet {and oh-so-spunky!} just-turned-2 year old carried this flower through the Lowe's entire garden department.  Really, could she get cuter?  
My heart, walking around with 2 legs, carrying a zinnia.

Happy Friday! And Happy Weekend!

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Protective Brother

We went to play at the huge, new, way fun playground for the first time this afternoon.

Standing at the top of the super-twisty, enclosed, very-high slide, you know what the {slightly concerned} Grant told his sister?

 "You go first, Gracie".

More than Soccer


{my favorite four-year-old}.

He takes a weekly soccer class that he loves.

He loves to kick and run and throw and run some more and then run some more!
{Mommy watch this I'm going to run sooo fast even faster than Coach Ben!}

Today was the last day of the spring session, 
and at the end of the class Coach Ben spoke with me.
He recommended Grant move up into the 
{invitation only!}
advanced 4 year old soccer class.

Yes, I know it's "just" a 4-year-old soccer class.
But, this is my sweet, sweet four-year-old.

My sweet child who, just five months ago, was lying on the couch complaining his legs hurt.

Who woke up in the morning shuffling like an 80-year-old man.

Who started to refuse to walk his legs hurt him so badly.

 In my original post about Grant, I said we were praying that if juvenile rheumatoid arthritis were indeed the diagnosis, the Lord would protect him.

Five months later, he's kicking and throwing and running!
{Willingly, happily, and, apparently, well!}

My momma heart is happy tonight,
and I'm praising our Sovereign Lord for His protection over Grant and His provision for Grant's medical care.

And I'm going to keep on praying so that, Lord willing, 
Grant can keep on kicking and running.
{maybe, someday, even faster than Coach Ben!}.


I spent a wonderful afternoon yesterday at my parent's house.
The still live in the same town where I grew up.
There's just something so...nice...about going home.

The kiddos splashed in wading pools, 
and the overly-loved family dog was given enough water for several days.

My dad fixed fabulous afternoon Sundae snacks, and my mother had a special kid supper.

And my dad loaded me up with Diet Coke for the trip home.

20 Years from now, I hope Grant and Grace
{and perhaps a few more!}
will love visiting as much as I do.

Matt and I will do everything our parents do for us.
{favorite foods, favorite drinks, toys and activities ready for the grandkids}.

It's been a great start to the summer around here!
Hope yours has started well, too.

3 Hours. 3 Dollars.

Meet Anika. 


She's just adorable, isn't she??

She is orphan in Eastern Europe.

But, through God's divine plan, she has found her forever family.
And her forever family is headed to meet her soon!

Can you imagine?  
This sweet, sweet girl, living with no parents, in potentially heart-wrenching institutional conditions, is going to MEET her mommy and daddy for the very first time very, very soon!

Would you be a part of her journey home?
My friend Love, who the Lord used to lead me to Africa, found out about Anika and Love is now trying to help get her home.

Love is asking all of us to give $3.

That's it. Seriously! 
three bucks.
That's cheaper than my Starbucks order!

Would you consider giving the $3 to Anika's fund?
Think of all the ways you could spend three dollars.
Would you consider being a part of helping an orphan find her family?
To help her family GET HER HOME?
It may not feel like a lot, but it every.single.dollar. adds.up. 

When you click on the link under Anika's photo above, there is a paypal link.
May seem so insignificant, but this is truly life-changing for this orphan.

three dollars.  click now!

And then go to Love's blog and leave a comment, where you'll be entered to win a super, super cute purse.


come back to HERE and leave a comment that you donated your three dollars to
Anika's forever family,
and I will pick a random person to win a super cute African beaded bracelet.
Donate by midnight Sunday night (central time) for your entry here.

Orphan care is so, so close to my heart.   Will you join me?