Saturday Night Thoughts

I'm supposed to be working on grad work.  Final projects due, uh, tomorrow.
I am working on it. Truly.  
Having a hard time focusing, but my night-person self is just gearing up for the evening.

Totally ignoring the fact that, uh, Sunday is kind of a big deal in our family and I'm usually in bed by this point on Saturdays.  And, I'm teaching the 3 & 4-year-old class tomorrow.  I LOVE them and LOVE teaching them. But, can I keep up with 8 or so preschoolers on 5 hours of sleep?  
I'm thinking a lot of coffee is in store!

Y'all know that I was in Africa for two weeks in February.  My heart will forever be changed.
  You simply cannot walk away from so much poverty and injustice and orphans and not be.

While we were there we met so many awesome girls and people who are living there, serving Him, and truly making a difference.  For example, Katie Davis with Amazima Ministries.  

She's in her early 20's, has adopted several beautiful girls, and runs a feeding program that serves over 1,600 children every week!

Seriously, she's making a difference. A radical difference!

And, that's been my prayer since I got back from Africa.  
That I would make a difference - a radical difference - for eternity.
The Lord hasn't put us in Ug@nda, East Africa.  But, He has put me here. right HERE.  with my beautiful family.  With our incredible church body.  With friends and family that love us.

So, as I've wrestled with balancing poverty and injustice and orphan care with Starbucks and Pottery Barn and Target, I've prayed that I will be radical. For the sake of the kingdom. in our little world, right here.

The Bishop of London said something during his sermon at the Royal wedding (which, folks, seriously, wasn't Kate just absolutely gorgeous?) that my heart has been contemplating.  

It sums up my prayer, for myself, my family...and you.

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

Now, I'm back to my Diet Coke, popcorn, and affective needs of gifted and talented students.

Good night!

Our Favorite Four Year Old

We've had a lot of people telling us that they've been praying for us recently.  And, yes, this gets us all as excited as it does Grace.  We are also extraordinarily humbled that you would go before the throne on behalf of our favorite four year old. 

For the past months we've been dealing with some health issues with Grant.  

Fatigue, leg pain, swollen lymph nodes, random high fevers.

We've been working with a pediatric rheumatologist at Riley Children's Hospital.  
We saw her again today. 

Grant was a bit shy at the doctor's office...

...but my ipod, some special candy, and a green shake later, we all survived the day.

No "official" diagnosis, although the dr. did say that it's really looking like 

We got more blood work done today, with the special "magic" cream on his arms that makes it not hurt 
{as much}.

Apparently we're ruling out some muscle diseases and other freak things...and we'll go back in 2 weeks.  The doctor reassured that she does not think this is a malignancy, although the another CBC that has a normal WBC count will be reassuring. 

because, you know, us moms? we worry.  
you do not want to know the results you get if you google Grant's symptoms

however reassuring, the doctor did mention discussing a bone marrow biopsy in our return visit in 2 weeks,  to completely rule-out scary stuff. we are praying hard for nothing scary.  seriously hard.  I can almost not even write about the scary stuff.  

So, pray hard with me?  The need for a bone marrow biopsy is contingent on today's blood work and his symptoms over the next couple of weeks.

We also have a new medicine, another NSAID. Our biggest issue right now is Grant's level of fatigue...the poor guy is tired, and asking to go to bed, even after sleeping for hours and hours and hours.

{the medical reason is the sedementation rate, which measures inflammation.  his sed rate is high, presumably from the JRA, which makes him exhausted all.the.time.  we'll get his recent sed. rate back tomorrow}.

But, we are thankful that the last medicine he was on was a miracle drug for about a month.  
We had our happy, easy-going, cheerful little boy back!  

We are praying the new med works even better.  
That his four-year-old little body will be free from pain.
And that the Lord would use this in Grant's life, to ultimately draw him to Himself.

Thank-you for praying with us and for us.  
Our hearts ache for our sweet little boy,
and it is humbling and encouraging in so many ways to know your hearts ache with ours.

Thank-you for loving Grant through your prayers.  We are all so, so thankful for them.