Our favorite 4-year-old. 

He loves to paint. and cut.  and use markers.
He loves to ride his bike. fast.  
but outside he promises to go *very very slowly* to avoid having to wear his helmet.  
(which he's unsuccessful at).

He loves robots.  he wants one with a remote control and that can talk and sing and blast off.
(think the Target toy aisle can hook us up with that?)

He's funny, and has a remarkable memory! 
The little man can.remember.everything.

He finds joy so easily, which warms my heart.
{maybe we should all be so excited to see a plant grow or a loved one come home from work!} 

He's extremely social, and cares about his little friends so much.
On Sunday mornings, he starts listing off the friends he hopes will be at church to play with!

he is eager to go fishing with his daddy, and thinks that all the fish we eat daddy caught.
(How cute is that?)

My heart overflows with love for this little man, our Grant.  

And now our hearts ache with prayer for him.

For those of you who don't know, months ago he started complaining of his legs hurting.
{just growing pains, right?}

Well, the leg pain persisted.  and persisted. and got more serious.
In the mornings, he started shuffling like a 80-year-old-man. 
He wouldn't climb into his carseat, and limped as he walked.

He was exhausted, all the time.
swollen lymph nodes, and intense belly pain.
Our little man was hurting.

We've now seen a specialist.  A pediatric rheumatologist.
We've started on a medicine that is doing wonders.  We are so very thankful for great treatment! 
We go back in a month and will get an official diagnosis of one thing or another.

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis is what we're looking at...
but there are always prayers and hope that it's "just" some random something.

So, thank-you for praying and hoping with us.  That if this IS a degenerative disease, our sweet Grant will be protected.  That the treatment will remain working.  And that his little body is protected from long term, permanent damage.

So that he can keep on painting and cutting and using his markers.  
And playing with his robots.  
And riding his bike as fast as he can!

{with a helmet on, of course}

Grant Owen, you are loved. 
you are prayed for.
more than you know, little man, more than you know.