This is usually the reaction I get when Grant sees the camera come out:

So when we were outside this morning I took some {okay, 216} pictures. I caught a few cute ones.

Today's Favorites

I've been trying {like a crazy woman} to learn how to use our nice DSLR camera. Aperture. Shutter speed. ISO. Exposure. that's what I'm reading about.

all to try to get a decent picture of my Baby Girl and Toddler Boy

{if he'll let me!}

I think my heart just broke a little..

One of my friends from my college days adopted a baby boy from Africa last fall. he's just squeezable and loveable and the cutest thing ever! They had 4 girls 6 and under, so with the little boy they have a house full of love for sure now!

I was reading on her blog, and she was mentioning how he was transitioning - which is, by His Grace, just fabulously. One victory they've had recently was that he stopped screaming when lunchtime/snacktime/dinnertime was over.

he was screaming because he thought there would be no more food.

The sweet little boy was worried about food. he had been used to being hungry.

My heart broke a little, thinking of the 13 months that baby boy spent in Africa, waiting his family. Thankful is not a strong enough word to describe how glad I am
he's now with his family, who have much love to give, and how glad I am that he'll hopefully never have to worry about being hungry again.

a picture of 3 of their sweet kiddos, including their precious Clayton.

a Showing!!!

We have our first house showing from being back on the market tomorrow afternoon! Cleaning cleaning cleaning today! At least we got plenty of warning so the house can be as perfect and as staged as possible!

Praying that the first buyer would be *the* buyer!

asleep unswaddled again for her morning nap! too sweet!

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She's Eating!

I was beginning to think that Grace would be the only baby at her first birthday party to *not* like the cake. She's just been SO much slower at eating solids than Grant was - and Grant didn't even start solids until about 7 months, and didn't really increase his solids intake until about 9 months. Well, Gracie's 10 1/2 months, and is finally starting to eat some solid foods! She LOVES yogurt. loves it. She ate an entire container of the YoBaby organic vanilla yogurt last night. (4 oz!) She'll also tolerate oatmeal. not enjoy it, lunging for the spoon like she does the yogurt, but she'll at least swallow the oatmeal and not gag on it like she used to.

The Baby Girl is growing up!