Before Matt went running recently, he started to stretch in our entryway. Well, Grant saw him and said, "stretch like daddy!" and then did this....

First Outfit

Grace is finally starting to fit into some of her clothes - especially the "newborn" sized stuff. Here's one of her first outfits!

And just another random cute shot - I love her little cheeks!

Thanks, Laura!

I always think of one of my very good friends - Laura - when I organize our house! I met Laura in Dallas - she lived in the apartment right next door in Dallas Seminary student housing. Her husband worked the night shift at the time, so as Matt would study in the evenings Laura and I would hang out. She'd sit and chat with me as I graded papers, and she listened to sooo many of my teaching difficulties! She was the kind of friend that I just loved at first meeting - she's warm, beautiful, sincere, and sooo sweet. And, her love for her Savior is so very genuine and just makes her radiate.

Anyway, her apartment was always so picked up, and I can remember commenting on it one time. She told me her mother always said that everything should have a place, and then you can put everything back where it goes.

As I've cleaned and organized for 7 more years since she told me that, I've come to the conclusion that that is truly the key to household organization! It's all the stuff that never has a place that drives me crazy! So, I've been on a mission to find a place for all that stuff! It truly helps me feel better! I do get a tad overly-excited about organization, though.

So, thanks, laura, for your organization help. And, by the way, Laura did teach me much more than the fact that everything should have its place...she's a wonderful friend, and I miss her and wish we still lived right next door to each other.

Sweet Grace

Another Mile Down!

Sunday evening I did my first post-partum run, and it felt so inexplicably good. About 10 minutes in it felt so good I was close to tears - it just felt that good to be running again. it reminded me of how incredibly good I felt last summer, eating well, running regularly, and enjoying our family - I guess I hadn't realized, fully, how deeply this pregnancy had worn on me - on us. When I hit the pavement Sunday night it just felt so *normal*, and after these past 8 months, *normal* is SO good.

So, as I sit here sweaty after my 2nd run, I am overwhelmed with relief that I never have to be pregnant again. I am obviously so very thankful for the times that we've been pregnant and our sweet, much-worked-for children! - but I am thankful this stage of our lives can be over!

So, another mile down! I look forward to hopefully hundreds more!

Tuesday morning

sound asleep in her bouncy seat

the sad face from not liking the flash!

and,when I went to feed her later, she started sucking her thumb! It was so cute - Grant never sucked his thumb, so it was a surprise to see!

Solo with 2 Kiddos, Day 1

Matt's gone the majority of this week, leaving me solo with 2 kiddos for the first time. We both wish that his first trip away weren't so long, but we'll make it work! Grace ate at 10 o'clock last night, then slept until 3 a.m., and then slept until 6 a.m. - so, essentially, she only woke up one time during the night to eat! So, since she's sleeping so well Matt and I thought that I could handle both kiddos. (Watch tonight be the night she just freaks out on me! )

Grant has been playing happily all morning, and Miss Gracie is doing what she does - eating and sleeping!

Right now the problem is that Grant is not napping! He was quiet in his crib for almost 30 minutes, and I had just finished up feeding Grace and was going to nap myself - and then Grant started asking for pudding. I usually ignore it, but today I tried a new strategy - I just immediately got him, and put him in his chair and gave him the pudding. He ate it, but he wasn't *starving*. So, after the pudding he went back to bed, where he's currently making dinosaur noises.


I think cheesecake is very close to being the perfect food. I just absolutely love it. It's by far my favorite dessert, and I could easily, (and very happily ) eat it almost daily.

Matt and I were both getting kind of house-crazy after being here for almost 2 weeks after we brought Gracie home, and Thursday morning he woke up and said, "let's go out!" So, after everyone's nap times, we went to Babies 'R Us to return some stuff (a maternity shirt that I bought 3 days before I had Grace! ), and to buy a new carseat. We then went to The Cheesecake Factory, which I had a gift card for. So, we got a wonderful appetizer and entrees and then split their vanilla bean cheesecake. It was to.die.for good!

It was also just a very nice outing as a family of 4. Grant did great in the restaurant - one key to eating out with a toddler is to make sure they're hungry when you go, so they'll occupy themselves by eating! Grace stayed covered in her carseat the whole time, sleeping. It was just a nice afternoon.

And then, more cheesecake Friday! My father-in-law and step-mother-in-law came for the day, so after spending time with them Matt and I went out for coffee and dessert at another restaurant we had a gift card to. We both got our own desserts, I got more cheesecake! It was also very, very good! I'm now savoring the memory of both decadent slices as I have officially started on my "back-to-pre-pregnancy weight" journey. My carrot sticks and tomato soup don't have quite the same allure!

May 11, 2002

Happy Anniversary, My Sweet Husband!

It's hard to believe that 7 years ago today I married the love of my life. I can so remember waking up on the morning of May 11, 2002...I looked at the clock and thought "it's today!" I can remember how much fun it was to get our hair and make-up done, and how weird it felt that the day had actually arrived.

How little did I know then, however, that the next seven years would be so incredibly wonderful. I knew I loved Matt, but he has just amazed me over the past seven years with his patience, his kindness, and his deep devotion and commitment to myself and our family. I hope we get many, many more years together, my love.

At the rehearsal (look how young and thin I was!)

Leaving the church, being showered with confetti!

The cake, which I still think was beautiful! And I'm still amazed that one of my college girlfriends made it for us!

The surprise of a lifetime- a new car!

well, thanks!

Thanks for all the comments on my blog! I didn't mean to force y'all to comment, but it was nice to know that I'm not writing to myself.


I have spent more time than I should have trying to get the comment form to work on this blog, but I finally succeeded! So, now y'all have to comment, because I spent so much time on it!

I haven't finalized the entire format, but I'm getting closer! I love this new blog template and all the colors - I wanted something new for spring and summer!

Pictures for Friday

Grace is growing!

So, we had our "newborn" visit with our pediatrician today. Since he doesn't deliver at Community North, he hadn't met Grace yet. So, it was just a general check-up and weight check.

Sunday night, the last time she was weighed in the NICU, Grace was 5 pounds, 6.8 ounces. This morning at the ped's, she was 5 pounds, 10.8 ounces!! So, basically 4 ounces in 4 days!! YAY Grace! Grow grow grow!

The ped. said that one of the primary concerns with preemies is weight gain, and he usually makes his preemie patients come back for weight checks. He then said with Miss Grace's great gain in the nicu, and then the 4 ounces in 4 days since we've been home, he wasn't concerned at all! yay! (of course, we can always go in for a free weight check if we get worried, but she seems to be growing well! And, just FYI, the nicu wanted the babies to gain at least 1/2 an ounce a day, so she's even surpassing their standards!)

And, since Grace is gaining so well, he said we can stop waking her at night to eat! THAT made me happy, as I forgot, somehow, how exhausting this waking every 2 hour business is! Grace slept for 5 1/2 hours during the night last night, and I woke up, panicking that she hadn't eaten, but apparently we can let her sleep when she wants to sleep at night!

The ped. also said that we might have to adjust her age for developmental milestones, although he said most preemies catch up fast. I told him that with a son that didn't walk until 19 1/2 months and now zooms around the house, I don't get too concerned about slow developmental milestones! ;-)

At least they're recycling...

I guess at least they're recycling!

Peanut Shell Sling

So, I tried out my new sling last night after grace ate. This is the "tummy-to-tummy" carry, and she really liked it. I'm sure I'll get better at getting her in and out and situated with a little more practice. I love having her close to me, and I love the pink pattern! (It's reversible, even! :D) look how cute her little head is poking out the top! :D I think it'll be great for going on walks with Grant, playing outside, etc.

Day 2 with 2 Kiddos

It's so absolutely wonderful to be at home, as a complete, happy family of 4! Grant LOVES Grace, and gets so excited about "Baby Grace". When he hears her over the monitor, he stops playing and says, "baby grace!!! baby grace!!!" And he wants to "hold it" all the time. :D

I'm tired, but so happy to be home. I've got to the monitor volume figured out - it needs to be high enough that I hear her when she needs me, but low enough that every single newborn squeak doesn't wake me up!

My Peanut Shell sling arrived today, and I'm so excited to try it. I think I'm really going to like it! It will be nice to go out on a walk with Grant and have Grace right there, but still have my hands free. I think I'm going to love it!

Off to play with Grant!