Nutmeg Brown

So, I think every other female in Indianapolis must color her hair Natural Instincts #28, Nutmeg Brown! The past 3 times I've gone to get that shade, they've been out!! Every other shade of Natural Instincts is there, but my #28 row, all gone. Weird!

50 Odd Things

So, I obviously am putting of cleaning! ;-) I got this from a friend and filled it out for my blog.

1. Do you like blue cheese? absolutely! looooove blue cheese salad dressing, but the fat content usually makes me buy something else!

2. Have you ever smoked? Nope

3. Do you own a gun? I think Matt has a rifle from my dad somewhere in the house

4. What flavor Kool Aid was your favorite? grape

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Not really- only before early pregnancy appointments, before we find out if the pregnancy is healthy - thankfully, we're done with that part of our lives!

6. What do you think of hot dogs? I used to like them, but know I cannot handle them, at all! I'll maybe eat a brat, maybe...I think I'd rather eat a plain bun with relish and mustard!

7. Favorite Christmas movie? Hmm...I dunno if I have a specific Christmas fave

8. Favorite thing to drink in the morning? probably a toss-up between coffee and diet coke!

9. Can you do pushups? *a* push-up,probably! When I'm not pregnant anymore, I'd like to try this program.

10. Favorite piece of jewelry? my wedding ring set - almost 7 years later and I still love them!

11. Favorite hobby? does shopping count? ;-) How about running and cooking?

12. Do you have A.D.D.? I wonder sometimes! lol

13. What is one trait you hate about yourself? I wish I needed less sleep! ;-)

14. Middle name? Ruth

16. Name 3 drinks you like: diet coke, limeade, grapefruit juice

17. Current worry? thankfully,not really "worried" about anything at the minor concern is finding curtains I like for the nursery!

19. One of your favorite places to be? right now, after seemingly being hospitalized for so long this pregnancy, at home, with my boys! :D Besides that, Matt and I love traveling together, anywhere. :)

20. How did you bring in the New Year? I can't even remember! I'm sure we were just at home.

21. Where would you like to be? right this second? fast-forwarded in time about 9 weeks when we have Baby Girl!

23. Do you own slippers? yes

24. What shirt are you wearing? a purdue sweatshirt, but it's about to get stripped off because I'm HOT

25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? I've never tried!

26. Can you whistle? yep

27. Favorite color? anything bright

29. What songs do you sing in the AM? we definitely don't sing in the AM around here...we're pretty slow risers. :)

30. Favorite girl's name? if we had distinct favorites, this Baby Girl would be named by now! :P

31. Favorite boy's name? Grant, of course! ;-) I also love Lincoln, Anderson, Harrison, and Lee.

32. What's in your pocket right now? no pockets on my maternity pants!

33. Last thing that made you laugh? Grant waking up saying "good nap"

34. What vehicle do you drive? a new Durango, which I am IN LOVE with. It's soooo much easier to get Grant in and out!

35. Worst injury you ever had? hmmm, injury? probably a sprained ankle my freshman year of high school. I can remember not telling anyone (after the initial 3-4 days of rest, etc), but it hurt for weeks afterward!

36. Do you love where you live? I do!

37. How many TV's do you have in your house? 2

39. Do you have any pets? I think we still own a dog named Lizzie ;-)

41. What is your favorite book? It'd be hard to name a favorite - I do love a lot of Christian fiction.

42. Do you collect anything? nope! collecting leads to clutter! ;-)

43. Favorite Movies? The American President, Father of the Bride I & II, Made of honor,

44. Favorite Singers? I like a variety - Michael Buble, Chris Tomlin are probably up there on the list. A lot of contemporary Christian music.

45. Favorite Websites? the Food Network, any running site :D

46. Number 1 current goal? surviving the end of this pregnancy at home, and starting to run again after Baby Girl is here!

48. Favorite month? Hmm...probably mid-October through mid-November, as it feels like fall, which is my favorite season

49. Do you have a bucket list? not written down

50. Do you remember your dreams? almost always

Re-visiting my teaching days

Wow! I found a group called "Lake Highlands High School Alum" on Facebook, and wow, it brought back memories!!!! I saw sooo many old students! And, a lot of them have already graduated or are graduating this year from college - wow!! I still have such fond memories of that building and my classroom, and my first 3 years of teaching there will always have a special place in my heart. Yes, there was stress, and yes, the job was all-consuming (my first year of teaching Matt was SHOCKED at the amount of work that went into it!), but I truly loved it. A portion of my heart will forever be in the classroom, and I am confident that some day, when the kiddos are older, there will be a perfect part-time job for me somewhere.

28 weeks!

I hit a *major* pregnancy milestone yesterday - the 3rd trimester!!! After this l-0-n-g pregnancy, I definitely celebrate each day!

So, here's a belly picture from 28 weeks, 1 day, taken in the hospital bathroom!

I'll those too, then, please!

A couple of evenings ago I was chatting with one of my night nurses (Heather, whom I really, really like but she only works weekends :(), and we were just commenting how nice this hospital is. She said that one of her patients - in severe pre-term labor - recently pressed the call button and said she had a question for the nurse. Heather went to check on her, concerned about the baby and the pre-term labor situation.

But, nope, nothing was wrong with the patient - she just asked for the "big white fluffy towels" for the shower! (instead of the thin, small, hand-sized bath towels the hospital has!) Yeah, this hospital is nice, but it's still a hospital! I don't think they take fluffy towel requests! ;-)