Grant Favorites

Sitting up here on the maternity floor is making me sentimental and nostalgic remembering Grant's birth, as well as making my heart dream about when Baby Girl will make her appearance.

So, here are some of my favorite pictures from Grant's Birth Day.

Look how small he looked in the sleeper and the carseat!

Here is under the bili blanket, trying to get jaundice gone. He was a little glow-worm! :)

Paint Samples

So, we've come to learn that there are a plethora of pink paint options! Here's what we're trying to decide between for Baby Girl's room:

Under the Warmer

Per the previous post, here's a couple of pictures of Grant as a newborn, all stretched out under the warmer. Look how cute he was!

Friday evening, Hospital Day 8

It's 11 o'clock at night and I sit here listening to Baby Girl's heart beating away on the monitor. It's so sweet to hear, and warms my heart. I was walking around the floor tonight and stopped and looked in on the nursery, where there were 4 babies all lined up. It was so sweet to see! Two babies were all stretched out under the warmer, which I love to see because it reminds me of Grant when he was little. My heart wonders about what Baby Girl will look like - will she look like Grant? Matt? Me? I think that Grant looked a lot like my baby pictures, but now as a toddler Grant looks so much like his daddy. So, I wonder if Baby Girl will look like Matt's baby pictures? Will she have as much hair as Grant had? I hope she has Matt's lips - Grant does, and they're just beautiful. I already look forward to meeting her, to holding her, to loving her in person.

Baby Girl

I sit here in the Labor and Delivery room, drinking a cup of surprisingly good (decaf) coffe, with actual half-and-half added, listening to sound of Baby Girl's heartbeat on the monitor. "woosh-woosh-woosh" It's a good sound, and a good start to this rainy morning, day 6 in the hospital.

Monday Night

I have changed into my hospital gown (I sleep in the gown, but change into my real clothes during the day - it helps me feel more human, if that makes sense), have fresh blankets and have dimmed my lights, but I hesitate trying to go to sleep.

Because, I think this ICU floor senses when I try to sleep. Seriously! Late this afternoon I tried to take a nap - my vitals had been drawn, my IV was functioning, no tests were ordered - so I thought it would be a perfect chance to actually sleep.

The ICU anti-sleep monsters came out again! The janitorial staff picked that.exact.time to WAX the floor outside my room. After about 15 minutes of napping I awoke to "vrrr...vRRRRR..vrrr..."!

The largest chunk of uniterrupted sleep I've had was last night from 12-3. 3 hours! The nurse tried to joke with me that it was preparing me for a newborn, but at 3 in the morning, my sense of humor isn't that much - I need sleep!

I guess that's enough complaining for me. Off to bed!


My best friend stopped by the hospital today, and brought me bright pink toenail polish! I was telling her that had I known I was going to wind up in the hospital again, I would've at least gotten a pedicure!

So, she brought the most fabulous shade of bright pink in honor of Baby Girl Walker. Even though it had to be in the ICU, we had fun together eating lunch and painting toenails!

(the picture doesn't show quite how bright and fabulous the pink is!)

Pump and picc line

So, my far-away friends haven't seen the pump or picc line. so, just for y'all, here are some pictures - I wore this crazy pump around my waist for 14 weeks! I had syringes of Zofran, and anti-nausea medicine, that would fit into the pump and then the pump would "pump" medicine into me 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The syringe had a long tube that connected to my picc line (PICC = peripherally inserted central catheter). The picc line went in at my elbow, and was about 14 1/2 inches long. It went all the way through a vein in my arm, around my shoulder, and ended just about 2 inches above my heart in my chest. That's how medicine got into me for 3 months!

We had to do the picc line because oral medicine never helped the hyperemesis - IV meds were the only thing that EVER helped. And even then, at the very beginning of the pregnancy, IV meds didn't make me feel fantastic - just functional. It wasn't until about the beginning of December that I started to consistently feel better.

My home health care nurse, Lisa, came out weekly (and sometimes even bi-weekly or tri-weekly!) to change the dressing on the picc line. What an ordeal it's been so far!