Happy Thanksgiving!

After a restful trip to my parent's house, we're glad to be back home! One major thing that I'm thankful for is that I'm now in the 2nd trimester, which means I've survived 14 weeks of pregnancy! Well, I should say that WE - Matt, Grant, and my family - have survived 14 weeks of pregnancy! Hopefully only a few more weeks until this hyperemesis fades away...

Hope your Thanksgiving was full of good food and good family!

Hamburgers! Tacos! Steak!

So, after being semi-vegetarian for almost 6 months, the baby has decided that it needs BEEF! After we left the hospital Monday night and I felt SO GOOD after all the meds I had in me, we decided to order take-out. Well, the only thing that sounded good was Texas Roadhouse! So, though I cringed when I ordered my steak, let me tell you how GOOD it was! My goodness that steak was excellent! I still feel badly for that poor cow, but what can you do when the baby wants beef?

9w6d pregnant...

...and still sick! Hence the lack of blogging. I *think* we're closer to figuring out a protocol that will help, so hopefully soon I can function again!