9 weeks pregnant and...


Gobble, gobble, gobble!

Nope, not a turkey post - "gobble" is the word Grant calls his vitamins!

If he sees his vitamins on the counter, he'll start saying "gobble gobble gobble" and pointing at them!

Sparkly Helmets!

I'm sure it's because my brain cells are slowly atrophying after weeks of barfing my brains out, but I think that Ohio State's helmets are so neat! They're silver, and they SPARKLE! How cool is that? Matt is not so impressed with my fascination!

I support Animal Rights!

Yes on Prop 2

Preposition Confusion!

Sweet Grant is gaining more words almost daily, which I just love, but he's getting his prepositions a tad confused. It's so cute, though! He says "down" for up - as in, he'll stand by me, holding his arms up, saying "down, down". :) I'll say "you mean UP" and he'll grin at me like "oh, yeah, UP!". When he awakes in the morning I'll hear "momma! off! off! momma!!" I'll go into his room and say "do you mean DOWN?" and he'll grin and say "down". :) He says "out" for "down" and "up" for "out". :) He'll get it one of these days!! We can figure it at least. :) I just love hearing him talk!!

Date Night!

Popcorn, caffeine-free Diet Coke, sweats, and a good movie with a great husband! Couldn't ask for a better Saturday night!

New Pictures

A couple new pictures of Grant - at 21 months old!!!


Such a wild talent!


At Home At Last!

So, after 4 days of traveling, we're back at home! We drove 2 days down to Texas, visited with my grandmother, introduced her to Grant, and drove 2 days home. My mom rode down with us, and she was shocked that Grant doesn't sleep in the car. We've been telling people this for almost 21 months now, but she said she thought he'd at least take cat naps. For the entire first 3 days of travel, he did not close his eyes ONCE! When we were just outside of Terre Haute today, he finally fell asleep for about 45 minutes. So, we have a very overly-tired toddler! We're all glad to be home, and Grant is loving seeing his toys again!!!