Food on Floor

If Grant's going to throw food on the floor, I wish it would at least be food that Lizzie would eat!


Posted in honor of my cookie-loving husband!


Chocolate Pudding!

Popcorn or Icecream?

That's been a main question around here during this Olympic-party of ours!

It's a party!

The Olympics feel like a party around the Walker household! We're staying up late, eating popcorn, drinking coke, lounging around until midnight! It's a fun 2 weeks!! But, it's wearing us out! We're t-i-r-e-d!

Michael Phelps just won the 200m IM. He is a freak of nature!! My goodness it's amazing to watch him!!

Dinner Tonight!

On the menu for dinner tonight:

semi-homemade Whole wheat bread
honey baked chicken
parmesan zucchini crispers
brown and wild rice blend

With coffee from our favorite new Keurig machine and homemade icecream (my dad's!) for dessert!

Off to get it all started!

So Sharp!

I just LOVE the Olympics women's gymnastic team's uniforms! They're so fabulous! The shimmery red is so neat, and the sparkly star on the side - so cool!! I would have LOVED that uniform as a teenage girl! My mom said it would be a neat swimsuit, and I totally agree. I've always liked sparkly stuff, and their uniform is just the best!

5K pictures!

And, pictures of the 5K Matt and I ran together Saturday morning! It was a wonderful morning - my parents came down to stay with Grant while we ran, and then we went out to lunch afterwards.

At the start of the race:

Me finishing - I look like I was trudging along in this picture, but I was seriously running as FAST as I could!!

After the race the church held a fun fest, and Grant LOVED it.

The little man is FIXATED on ducks, so the duck pond was a huge hit with him! (My mom's camera got messed up, but the effect is kinda neat with the ducks!)

Fair Pictures!

Here are the pictures from the State Fair last Friday. It was a gorgeous morning, and Grant just LOVED it!

Here he is petting a cow for the first time.

In this picture he's saying "mmmmm" which is his word for cow.

Pointing at the cows!

Our first fair food purchase - funnel cake!!

Grant LOVED sitting on the tractor. he goes "vroom vroom" and moves the steering wheel.

And a cute shot of Grant and Matt

He ate! He walked!

He ate! Recently it's been difficult to figure out what Grant will eat (besides CHEESE!), so I made him some oatmeal for lunch. he ate a HUGE bowl of it!! I was shocked. He sat there for like 15 minutes, using a spoon the entire time, eating 3/4 cup of oatmeal! (which is really a LOT of oatmeal!) Good job, Grant!

And, he walked ALL OVER downstairs before nap! He walked down the hallway and into the kitchen, around the island, and back to the patio doors! Just this weekend he figured out how to stand up after falling (with out holding on to something to stand), so I think this week is going to be a big walking week for Grant! He's becoming much more steady and is just so proud of himself. Another good job, Grant!

Fair Day!

It was such a beautiful morning today that Matt and I decided to go to the State Fair. It was so much fun! I'll get the pictures transfered after Grant goes to bed. We totally had our fair food fix. :)

Fresh Perspective

I visited the Pediatric Oncology Ward today to visit an old college friend and her 2-year-old son who was just diagnosed with leukemia. Walking onto that floor felt like facing death and tragedy head-on. Seeing thin, pale, bald babies, toddlers, and children was so overwhelming. I had to pause and get myself together before I found their room - I could have easily lost it there in the hallway - it's just too much for a mother's heart to think about your child dealing with such a serious disease! What a short life this is, and what hope we have for an eternity with out pain, suffering, and disease!

I realized, too, that although when I was pregnant I prayed all the time for Grant to be healthy, I haven't really specifically prayed for him to be healthy as a toddler. I pray for his spiritual life daily, I pray that we would make wise decisions as parents, but I've never really prayed that he would remain healthy. But the instant I stepped off the elevator and saw a bald 5-ish-year-old carrying her own IV pole, I started praying that Grant would never have to deal with something like cancer. His health is now for sure on my regular prayer list, along with the health of all of my friends' children.

My heart just hurts for my friend and her son, and I hope they feel the Lord's presence deeply during this ordeal.

Hoping it's not injured!

So, after an *effortless* 4-miles on Friday morning, I couldn't even do 1/2 mile tonight with out stopping! My achilles tendon was killing me, and my foot was starting to fall asleep! I'm hoping the tendon issue was just dehydration (the only thing I had to drink today was a diet coke, unlike my usual 80+ ounces water), and that the falling asleep issue was just my shoe laced to tightly! I'll try again tomorrow night and see how it goes.