Saturday Morning

It's an early, rainy Saturday morning here! Grant is sitting at the patio doors, staring and laughing at the rain! He's enthralled by it.

Coffee's almost ready!


This is the first recall that affects us! Grant's crib has been recalled!! The crib slats apparently can break, causing entrapment and strangulation hazards! I guess the company is issuing a full credit towards the purchase of another crib - I'm calling first thing in the morning!


I saw this saying from a Weight Watcher member, and it made me laugh out loud. I think all of us who've ever tried to lose weight before will understand!

She said "I fell off the wagon into deep fried bliss".

Wednesday Morning

I am so sore! I did a new pilates video last night that target abs and back. Whoa! Apparently I definitely need to work those areas, as I am SO SORE this morning!

I'm off to Walmart, Target, and Lowe's this morning to finalize our preparations for the church's booth at the street fair this Sunday. I need to find a duck pond and ducks! Grant's going to love shopping with me for two dozen ducks! I can hear it now - "du! Du! DUH!!" (his word for duck!)

Nilla Wafers

Do you know that I could eat at least half of my day's calories on Vanilla Wafers? Matt *loves* them, and I thought Grant would like them, so we proceeded to get the mega-ultra-jumbo box of them at Sam's Club this morning. Grant tried a couple at the end of his snack today, and I dutifully counted out the 8 cookies that are a serving (for 140 calories!) and ate them, washing them down with my water. Next time we need to buy the reduced fat variety, so I can eat more!

Fun Blinkie

ball! Ball! BALL!!!

I cannot go to the produce department anymore with Grant! He LOVES balls (it was his first word, and *anything* cylindrical is a BALL!!!!), and of course, the produce department is FULL of balls, didn't you know? Onions? BALL! Red Pepper? BALL! Avocado? BALL! Tomato? BALL!! Watermelon? BALL BALL BALL!!

Seriously, Grant FREAKS OUT over all the "balls" - I think it's too much stimulation for him! He was gripping the side of the cart this morning, getting progressively louder and louder - "ball! Ball! MOM-MA BALL!!!!" I gave him an orange to hold, quickly got my lettuce, red pepper, and sweet potato, and whisked him off to the dairy department!

Rosemary Mint

When we lived in Dallas, I briefly went to a hairstylist that worked in an Aveda salon. If you've never been to an Aveda salon, it's such an awesome salon! They use natural products, with as few chemicals as possible, and the whole salon (at least the 3 or so Aveda salons I've been in) has such a calming, upscale atmosphere. Well, in Dallas the hairdresser used this fab shampoo and conditioner - rosemary mint - and they just smelled wonderful. I would love smelling my hair over the next couple of days!

Well, an Aveda salon just opened up in the new outdoor part of the Greenwood mall, so I popped in there today. I recently found out that Aveda products aren't tested on animals (a huge in my book!). So, I bought a sample size of the shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray in the rosemary mint line - they just smell heavenly. I LOVE the way it smells. I'm trying to find an excuse to shower to try it out! :)


That's what Grant's fever was the last time we took it! Poor kiddo!

Good Wednesday Morning!

Grant's eating grapes in his chair, and I'm listening to some of my favorite music (Chris Botti), while drinking a cup of coffee from my new Keurig coffee maker! It was already on sale at Kohls (what *isn't* on sale at Kohls? ;-)), and I had a 30% off coupon!

We used it for the first time at some friends' house (Thanks, Ward & Kathy!), and we just fell in love with it! It's a single-serve machine, which is perfect for us, as usually I just want one cup of coffee in the mornings. (And, thanks, Karen, for your opinion on single-serve machines!) It brews the absolutely perfect cup of coffee, and also has a neat-o blue back-lit display.

So, between new dress pants for Matt, new towels for the bathroom and the coffee maker, we totally got the max out of that 30% coupon!

Back to Blogging!

Whew! After almost 2 months off (has it really been that long?!?), I'm back to blogging! Break out the Hallelujah chorus! :)

Just got in from running, showered, and am settling in to watch The Bachelorette!