Bird incident

Matt was outside with his Bible Study guys on Butler's campus tonight since it was such a beautiful evening. Well, Matt came home and told me the tale of the bird. He had just pulled out his laptop and was looking something up for the guys, and all-of-a-sudden, a bird, ahem, did it's poop business straight onto the laptop!!! Fortunately it hit just the outer casing and not the keyboard! Matt said one of the guys was like, "dude, a bird just pooped on your laptop!"

I'm still laughing. Matt doesn't think it's quite as funny.


Look how big he is!!

We're home!

Nope, I haven't stopped blogging...just had a busy couple of weeks, and then we were on vacation for a week! Grant did very, very well considering he was in his carseat for 31 hours!! We're all happy to be home, though, and I'm happy to be back to blogging. :)