I love My Bumper!

That's what Grant would say, if he could talk! :) The kid LOVES the bumper in his bed -loves, loves, loves! He *will not* sleep with out it! In fact, on long car rides, to get him to sleep in his carseat, we have to give him part of the bumper, with the rest of the bumper trailing off onto the seat next to him!

On so many occasions I'll see him stir in his sleep, and he'll reach his arm out, feeling for the bumper, then pull himself close to it when he finds it. Some kids have blankies, Grant has a bumper!

A Day in the Life of a Baby

So, Grant was 11 months old yesterday, and it's his last month before toddlerhood! The past year has gone SO FAST! One year ago we were finalizing our decision on houses, living with all of our parents, and visiting my OB seemingly every-other-day dealing with pre-eclampsia!

Fast-forward to 11 months later, and this is what a day in our life looks like:

6:30 - 7am: Grant wakes up and nurses

7-8am: Grant plays while I make coffee!

8am: Breakfast for Grant! Usually oatmeal or fruit, or both

9 - 10:30ish: nap! I pick up the house or take a shower. Nurse when he wakes up.

11: Lunchtime for Grant! I usually do fruit and a veggie for lunch, and them some finger foods - right now he loves graham cracker sticks!!

By 12:30 he's down for his afternoon nap, and is almost always asleep before 1.

1-3ish: afternoon nap! Nurse when he wakes up from this nap

3-4: Grant plays.

4pm: Suppertime for Grant! I try to do 2 different veggies and a protein source for supper

5:00ish: Start getting ready for bed and entertain him as he gets more and more tired. Nurse one last time, if he's still hungry.

By 5:45, he's in bed! Usually asleep by 6:15 or so.

Then he sleeps straight until about 4-5am, where he wakes up and eats. Then he goes back to sleep until about 7am, and we start it all over again! :)

So, that's what my day looks like! I wish I had been writing this down once/month for his whole life - it would be interesting to look back and see what we were doing at 3 months old, etc.

Political Woes...

Will the real Republican Party please stand up?

I am so tired of? confused? frustrated? - you can fill in the blank- with the current GOP that I truly cannot understand what has been going on in the White House. I can remember in my high school gov't class learning that, in general, the Republican party equaled smaller government, lower taxes, less governmental control and fiscal responsibility.

Well, in 2001 we had a Republican president and a Republican controlled congress. They could have dealt with the social security issue. They could have worked on border security. They could have given states more educational rights.

But, they made the department of education bigger with the No-Child-Left-Behind act (which a former administrator of mine called the "No Child Left Untested" act).

What constituency are they representing, exactly, then?

The 2008 election will be the first presidential election I'll vote in, and over the past couple years (partially due to my brother challenging me to think outside the typical right-wing box) have become more and more interested in politics. So, with the upcoming primary and election, I've been trying to figure out exactly what I personally believe.

And, as I've come to conclusions on some issues and am still wrestling with other issues (just how much morality *should* the government legislate?), I don't think the current Republicans in power are aligned with their own party. Given the recent track record, I think the current government is confusing right-wing voters. What, exactly, defines the GOP? Lower taxes? Smaller government? Less spending?

If so, I'd like to see that happen in 2008 and beyond.

More to come on my current political thoughts...

Video attempt

Okay - this is my first attempt to post a video. It's not super exciting, as it's my first try even to take a video with our digital camera, but I thought I'd try! You might have to press "play", then pause the video and let it buffer, and then watch it!


One of his favorite things

This is one of Grant's favorite things to do - pull out all of the books from the bin, and just go through each one of them. He LOVES his books! He especially likes the ones that have things you can touch on each page - like furry animals or rough trucks.

Hopefully he'll be like his mommy and LOVE to read! :)


1) Okay, Mom, tomorrow I'll try to blog about party news. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

2) Our 2nd holiday party, which was tonight, went AWESOME. I'll totally write about it, too, tomorrow. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

3) The party, however, totally wore our dog out. Wore Her OUT! The second the last person left, she was curled up in a ball in her favorite spot in the hallway. She's currently lying on her dog bed, curled up as tight as she can be, eyes already closed. The party overstimulated her, I think! :) However, to her credit, she was a fabulous dog tonight - obeyed very well, didn't go crazy, listened, sat, stayed - good dog, Lizzie! Everyone (well, all of the dog people, at least!) said how cute she was and how "well behaved" she was! I almost L'ed OL at the 'well behaved" comments. If only they would have seen her 2 years ago!

And, here's a picture of my new glasses. I like 'em!