Pureed to Perfection!

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So, when we were planning on adopting, I read about making your own baby food. I was intrigued, so I read more, and more, and am now doing it for Grant! It's SO easy, WAY more economical, and I LOVE doing it. I puree vegetables with breastmilk, and I *really* like the fact that he's getting the extra breastmilk mixed in with his solids.

I started making his baby food about 5-6 weeks ago, storing it up in the freezer. I started with sweet potato, and now have apples, broccoli, pear, and banana frozen in baby-sized portions. Here's how it works:

You cook the fruit or veggie, then blend it with some added breastmilk or water (or formula).

Then, when it's the perfect puree consistency, you pour it in ice cube trays to freeze.

Then, when the cubes are frozen, you can pop them out and put them into a freezer bag. That way, they're ready to grab and thaw when needed!! It's as easy as that!

Happy 4th of July!

Okay, so, it's now July 16th and I'm wishing you a happy 4th - but, the pictures are still good.