Some New Pictures...

So, if anyone is actually reading this (sometimes you start to wonder if you're talking to yourself in Cyber-land), here are some recent pictures.

The Funnel Cake!

Did you know that it can take *days* to track down the camera cord and a fresh battery for the camera? It's a fact.

After finding those 2 things, here are the promised funnel cake pictures!

Here's one of Grant looking distressed over not being able to eat it!

And another of Matt, mid-bite!

Late-Night Loopy-ness

I'm tired (I have a 5-month-old - I've been tired since January 10th! ) But, I just gotta say - if I'm allowed to comment on my own blog - that I love all of my emoticon. Here are a few of my favorites that I just couldn't get worked into a normal post (I tried!)

Early 4th Festivities

The small town near us puts on early 4th festivities every year, and after we heard about the street fair that happens, we decided to check it out. It was so fun! Very quaint and patriotic - booths lined the streets of downtown - games for the kids were out, bounce houses, live music, and - the best! - we got our first elephant ear of the summer!

I personally like funnel cakes better, but I'm not going to complain about the elephant ear! (For those of you wondering, yes, I'm still dieting, but took today off! ) Pictures to come of the elephant ear!

We had the best seats in the house, too, for the fireworks this evening - our back patio! Put Grant to bed, and a couple of hours later, sat outside on the patio watching fireworks. Our neighbor came over and we had a nice chat with him during the fireworks, which were actually a pretty good show for just a small town deal.

It felt like summer, today - elephant ears, pulled pork sandwiches, and small-town fireworks - gotta love life in the Midwest!

Sound Asleep!

I walked into Grant's room tonight to check on him, and found him sound asleep - like this! He won't be able to fit like that much longer!!

It's the Dairy Fairy!

So, when Grant was 1 month old we figured out that my eating dairy products was causing his severe reflux. (He had been seriously throwing up and screaming at every feeding prior to figuring this out). So, since then, I've had very little dairy. :/ I miss my Marble Slab, but it's SO worth it for no more throw up!

Anyway, I've decided when I'm done breastfeeding, we're going to host a Dairy Fairy party, as the dairy fairy can return to our household, finally! Cheesecake, nachos, brownies, all of it will be mine! :-) You're all invited, of course! ;-)

First Father's Day!

We had a wonderful First Father's Day here in the Midwest. Grant gave Matt a Home Depot gift card - so that Matt can build him toys. :-) After church we went to my brother's house, where we enjoyed a leisurely afternoon with my brother and his wife and son, their dog, our dog, and my parents. After 3 years of waiting to wish Matt a Happy Father's Day, it was the perfect first.

Old Friends

It feels great to hear from some of our old friends again. We miss our "Dallas" friends, along with all of you who've moved away. We think of you often, and pray for you when the Lord brings you to mind.

Just a quick update for those of you with whom we haven't chatted lately - here's a top list of what's happened in our lives.

1) Moved to Iowa after graduating from Dallas Seminary.
2) Had a rather difficult experience there, learned a lot, but glad we're gone. :-)
3) When I was 28 weeks pregnant, we moved back to Indiana, where Matt accepted an associate position at a church plant.
4) Moved to our new home right before Christmas, at around 32 weeks pregnant. I highly recommend against moving while pregnant, just FYI!
5) Had Grant 3 weeks later!

6) are enjoying life back in the Midwest. I'm such a city girl, and living in small-town Iowa was *not* for me. I need to be 5 minutes from Starbucks and 15 minutes from Ann Taylor Loft. I need Target close and the grocery closer.

We feel extraordinarily blessed by the Lord to be living here, so close to family, in a beautiful house and ministering at a church that's wonderful to us. I came across this verse 4 years ago in Dallas, when we were grieving the loss of pregnancies, and it's still very dear to my heart - and very fitting for our lives.

Isaiah 25:1
"O LORD , you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago."


To keep our pictures more safe, I made the blog private and invited readers to join. So, if you're finding your way here for the first time, or the first time in awhile, welcome!

I'm trying to keep this current with what's happening with us, so happy reading! And, I love comments, so feel free to post! :-)


Friday Fever!

It's Friday!

Even though being a SAHM doesn't provide the same type of regular work-week as working outside the home, Fridays still have that same feeling to them! The sun is shining, the weather's nice, the baby's sleeping...what a nice afternoon!

Here are some random thoughts of mine on this sunny Friday afternoon:

1) We had a wonderful weekend visiting Matt's family as his little brother graduated from high school. It was fun to spend so much time with them, and for them to see Grant so much. Being around high schoolers, though, made me miss teaching even more. I LOVE being at home with Grant, but I miss teaching. My heart will forever be in the classroom. I'm trying to remind myself, though, of the late nights grading papers, preparing worksheets, making out tests, and dealing with endless make-up work.

2) I am only 3.8 pounds away from my pre-The Boy weight! Probably another 3 - 5 pounds after that, though, that I'll want to lose. Whew! I'm tired of this losing weight stuff! I just want to maintain!

3) I've really been getting to know one of our neighbors, M. She's *ultra* nice. We went out to lunch at Panera yesterday, and I treated her as a pre-baby gift. :-) (She's having a planned cesarean on Monday). Well, last night Matt was walking Lizzie (our dog) for the last "outing" of the night around 10, and M.was walking by to put a thank-you note in our mailbox. She's SO sweet.

4) The former said neighbor, M, and her husband, didn't find out the gender of the baby she's having Monday. So, we're all eagerly awaiting the news. So much anticipation! Though I don't think Matt and I could ever *not* find out, it IS exciting!!

5) I have GOT to start running more and running longer. I have determined to find a race in August or September and sign up for it to keep myself motivated. (Along with the 5K I'm doing with my mother over 4th-of-July. Mom, that's only like, 3 weeks! )

6) Do you like all of my smiley faces? I for sure do!

7) I have become quite adept at typing with one hand, while the other hand is either pushing the swing or holding The Boy.

8) Our said dog, Lizzie, has officially gone off-her-rocker. Last night around 1 a.m., I heard her click-click-clicking,walking on the tile in our master bath, where we have a water bowl for her. I had forgotten to refill it before I went to bed, and, sure enough, she was thirsty at 1 in the morning. She barked at her bowl, and I lied (laid? I can never get it right) in bed, trying to ignore it. So, the dog ran downstairs, and I faintly heard her paws click-click-clicking on the tile in the kitchen, drinking out of her water bowl there. She never came back up, though, so I had to get up, call for her, and shut the bedroom door. While I was up, I refilled her water bowl in our bathroom, of which she proceeded to drink 1/2 of. What in the world makes the dog so incredibly thirsty at 1 in the morning?

8) I'm working on organizing our house, one closet at a time! WHERE is all of this stuff coming from? I just took 3 huge bags of stuff to Goodwill. I think the stuff multiplies itself.

9) Speaking of which, I'm off to organize our dining-room-turned-craft room. :-)

10) Did anyone notice there are 2 number 8's?

Have a great weekend! And, stay tuned for new pictures of The Boy soon!