Pacifiers Needed

Who knew that The Boy would become a pacifier-crazed baby over the last 2 weeks? Standing in the aisle at Target, elbow-deep in rows of pacifiers, I realized that I have been branded by the Mommy iron. Because, of course the Boy has to have a certain kind of paci - or pluggie as Daddy calls them. Not just the cheap-o brand will do - oh, no, we have to have the Mam blue, sparkly, silicone-tipped pacifier. And, because I love this kiddo so much, I'll gladly be elbow-deep in the pacifier aisle, making sure I have the right type.

A cold, rainy day here in the Midwest! We awoke this morning to the workers arriving earlier than scheduled - around 7:30 instead of 8. We had gone to bed late last night, so 7:30 was early! (Even though I had already been up with The Boy a couple of times during the night!)

We have lots of family coming in this weekend, so I'm off to organize and clean and organize and clean some more!

Here's a new favorite picture: